The Problems

  • Overwhelm

  • Burnout

  • Addiction

  • Relationship Problems

How Can We Help


  • Release overwhelm

  • Align so you can have the biggest impact

  • Gain awareness to remove the blocks that prevent you from achieving the results you want

  • Develop a stealth mindset to create the business and life you envision for yourself and your team

  • Learn new tools and how to apply them for major breakthroughs



  • Identify the energy vampires that leave you depleted

  • Reclaim power mentally and emotionally so you can show up as your best self

  • We facilitate a journey of healing that is individualized to where you are at on your path

  • We walk with you to create a decision-making framework that is aligned with your values and morals


  • Identify the underlying cause of your addiction so you can experience freedom again

  • Learn how the influence of generational cycles of addiction has impacted your life

  • Release the guilt and shame that has kept you stuck

  • Discover new habits and behaviors that will empower you to live a full life of purpose

  • Individualized support and case management for clients and their families before, during and after in patient or out patient intensive rehabilitation



  • Improve the effectiveness of communication in all relationships

  • Learn how to connect and strengthen the meaningful relationships in your life and business

  • Discover tools that will help you productively work through any problem or crisis

  • Cultivate and nurture relationships with individuals who elevate your success and well-being.

YOU have the solution. WE help you find it. Come to the Miracle Activation Center and let us help you discover and recover from whatever you’re facing. Through our proprietary, “unprogrammed programming” we offer a variety of services that help you discover what will help you realign and get you back on your feet.

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